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About Athletik Sports Medicine
Our innovative sports medicine clinic offers active people outstanding clinical care and amazing customer service. We provide our clients access to a beautifully designed physical space offering convenient hours. We also provide a broad range of innovative technologies to speed recovery, improve performance, and prevent further injuries. Finally, we deliver great service by using technology to digitize all aspects of a client’s journey including appointment booking, billing and payment management, and care plan coordination.
Outstanding Clinical Care

Outstanding care is critical to the success of our clients and we strive to provide the best care in every clinical interaction. We offer outstanding clinicians with high quality training, utilize sytems and processes that ensure quality, and employ clinical best practices.

Amazing Client Service

We believe that by providing our clients great service we can help them better achieve their clinical goals. Amazing client service means: great communication, letting our clients know what to expect, being transparent, being polite, and giving it our best every single day.

Our Services

At Athletik Sports Medicine we offer our clients a “one stop shop” where they can receive all the care they might need under one roof. By offering a diversity of skilled providers, our clients can access experts in rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our physical medicine and rehabilitation physician specialists, also known as "physiatrists", restore functional ability and quality of life as well as enhance overall performance. Our physiatrists are experts in designing comprehensive, patient-centered treatment plans. They utilize cutting-edge as well as time-tested treatments to best diagnose and treat our clients.

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists, also known as "PTs", are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility. Physical therapists help patients accomplish treatment plans by administering manual exercises, as well as instructing, and assisting patients in performing physical activities.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists, also known as "OTs", are highly-educated, licensed health care professionals who focus on providing hands on rehabilitative work, with a special focus on the hands and upper extremities. Occupational therapists help our clients maximize functional activities for work, home, and athletic performance.

Athletic Training

Our athletic trainers, also known as "ATs", are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians, PTs, and OTs to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.

Our Team

We have a highly experienced team of providers who bring decades of expertise, with specializations in sports medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal training, business operations, and technology development. Our experience and expertise helps us provide the highest quality of care so you can get back to what you love doing as quickly as possible.

Edward Mendelsohn, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Laurie Pacheco, BS MA OTR/L
Rehab Director
Alex Rosenfeld, DPT
Physical Therapist
Kristine Grajales, DPT
Physical Therapist
Mark Ragusa, DPT
Physical Therapist
Jean-Luc Neptune, MD MBA
General Manager
Michael Bryan
Clinical Coordinator
Group Classes

At Athletik Sports Medicine we're working hard to develop new and innovative programs to help patients get the best care. We have developed the Group Class format that allows us to extend the reach of our physical therapy programs to support athletes in a group setting.

Our Low Intensity Training ("LIT") classes are small, highly supervised to create a safe environment for everyone to recover from an injury or to get back into shape. Our classes are low-intensity, which means you’ll get a workout, but our focus is on helping you recover from an injury and get ready for more aggressive workouts. If you’re injured - or a little out of shape, don't worry, come to our classes to stay in shape and recover to get back to what you want to do.

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We pride ourselves on providing the best client service and supporting our clients in the ways you use to communicate, such as phone and email.

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